Phase I of Coastal Surveillance Radar Completed with 5 lakh lines of code

The first phase of Indian Coastal Surveillance Radar got completed on 29th December 2016 which involves around 5 lakh lines of coding as told by A T Kalghatgi, director, R&D, Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL).  These coastal radars became a necessity ever since Mumbai was hit by the ghastly terrorist attacks perpetrated by terrorists infiltrating through ocean route.

The 46th radar which was the last radar of the Phase I coastal surveillance mission became operational at Sagar Island. The eastern coast of India is equally important for security and international trade specially the area of Sunderbans is economically very buoyant. Due to increased security assurance the ports and international trade will proliferate. There are still some gaps in the security architecture which will completely be filled through Phase II of Indian Coastal surveillance radar system which will commission an additional 38 radars guarding the Indian coastline. Phase II has to be completed by 2019.