National Exit Test (NEXT) for Doctor tag according to Draft Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill 2016

On Thursday, Draft Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill 2016 was released which made recommendation for the initiation of National Exit Test (NEXT) to manage the Doctor tag even after completing 5.5 years of arduous medical education. As the medical education in India is getting more and more commercialized this step has been introduced as a check to maintain and safeguard quality in the healthcare profession of India.

How will NEXT(National Exit Test) Help – 

A central govt officer associated with the deliberations said that “It will substitute three tests, including NEET for postgraduate admissions, recruitment for central health services and the foreign graduate medical examination”.

This test will also bring standardisation among students of two different medical institutes. Also students who are seeking admission in medical colleges can compare that what percentage of that college students are able to pass NEXT(National Exit Test). This will help them to decide whether a college is good for admission. Currently the benchmark for selecting an institute for medical education and inspection by govt. authorities is infrastructure and facilities but NEXT will be the real assessor of quality of the students.

Criticism of National Exit Test (National Exit Policy) –

Some critics have pointed out that NEXT is better for those countries where doctors are present in appropriate numbers. India is facing a severe shortage of doctors and NEXT can increase problems.

Also NEXT will discourage the bright minded lot to pursue post graduate studies.