Digital Wallet to deposit Government School Fees in Haryana

A unique way to prevent misuse of funds in Governmental educational institutes through cashless fee deposition has been devised in Haryana. All government schools of Haryana will open a dedicated school account for deposition of fees by students directly into that account. The account for every school will be opened in the bank branch which is closest to the school. The parents of students studying in these schools will be encouraged to pay school fees through the e-wallet of that school. School authorities will not be authorised to withdraw cash from that account thereby preventing misuse. Also as the fees will directly be deposited in the school account the hassle of visiting school premises will finish. Also corrupt extortionist tendencies will reduce.

Also the state government will train 6.5 lakh students of 9th to 12th standard in these schools about how to make digital payments though Smartphones. These students are expected to teach these online payment methods to their parents thereby promoting cashless Indian economy.